Industries for Metal Injection Molding

APP’s Metal Injection Molding (MIM) products solve performance problems in medical, defense, sporting goods, and industrial applications. If you have a performance or an application challenge, APP can most likely develop a solution in our state-of-the-art facility.

Why choose APP MIM?

medical application

Medical Application

Whether it’s getting a patient back on the playing field or equipping a physician with life-saving devices, we are here to help. For medical, dental, surgical devices, and tools our small components can make the biggest difference in reliability, durability and performance. We offer medical alloys such as 17-4PH SS, 316l SS and implantable ASTM F2886. To ensure the highest quality, all APP manufactured components are ISO 13485 certified.

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sporting goods

Sporting Goods Application

Whether your hobbies take you into the woods or onto the pavement, APP produces components you can trust. We engineer and manufacture precision components ranging from archery sights and broadheads to golf and cycling components. APP is equipped with alloy and tool steels including S7 that can withstand even the most rigorous application stresses. We understand that your customers' safety is your priority, so we made it our mission to produce components with superior strength and durability.

firearm defense


Nothing is more important than reliability when our men and women are on the front lines. Along with custom feedstocks, we offer specialized stainless steel and heavy alloys that ensure your part is built to withstand extreme conditions and meet even the toughest requirements. APP holds a Federal military and defense License (FFL) and is fully compliant and is registered by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). As your trusted partner, APP manufactures high-performance components in America, for America.

industrial application


Often alloys used in industrial applications are met with a variety of circumstances and environments. We’ve developed advanced MIM alloy systems that combat caustic, acidic, seawater and extreme heat and pressure conditions. Our metallurgists’ precise alloy steel densities and carbon levels have proven themselves in the highest stress and impact applications. From machinery components to power tools, APP’s MIM solutions can solve your mechanical and corrosion challenges.